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Super ScintillatorSuper Scintillator
C3yoyodesign Super Scintillator
Sale priceFrom $124.99
In stock
4 5
YoYoFactory Moz
Sale price$99.99
In stock
Speedaholic FXSpeedaholic FX
C3yoyodesign Speedaholic FX
Sale priceFrom $59.99
In stock
C3yoyodesign Seeker
Sale priceFrom $21.99
Sold out
C3yoyodesign Waltz
Sale priceFrom $84.99
In stock
9 10
Clear Red / Black CapLoop 720
YoYoFactory Loop 720
Sale price$17.99
In stock
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Beginner Yo-Yos
For Beginners
Best starter yo-yos and sets that come with a how-to DVD and extra strings!

Starter Yo-Yo Sets
Starter Sets
Get all the essentials as a set with your new favorite yo-yo!
Your First Bind Yo-Yos
Your First Bind Yo-Yos
Bind (non responsive) models are the new standard of modern yo-yoing.
Rediscovering the Joy of Yo-Yoing
Rediscovering the Joy of Yo-Yoing
If you enjoyed playing with classic yo-yos, we bet you will like modern yo-yos even more!
Competition Top Yo-Yo Models
Competition Top Models
Check out the best performance yo-yos often used in world-class competition!

Everyone's Best Choice to Start!

Best starter Yo-Yo Onestar
Released in 2020! The latest and best starter model from YoYoFactory!
best Looping Yo-Yo Loop 720
Everyone has them! Produced by looping World Champion, Shu Takada!
Best selling Yo-Yo Krown
Ready to Bind? Best selling model produced by World Champion, Shinya Kido!
Perfect three yo-yos to start Set!
Basic Master Set
Perfect three yo-yos to start! This set comes with everything you’ll need.
Perfect Set for getting back into yo-yoing!
Metal / Loop Set
Popular KROWN and Loop720 set! Perfect for getting back into yo-yoing!

Yo-Yo Start Guide

Yo-Yo Start Guide
YOYO 101! Learn all the yo-yo basics!

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YouTube Channel
REWIND YouTube Channel
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Learn & Watch Videos about Yo-Yo

THE portal site for yo-yo knowledge!
Yo-Yo Skill-up Guide
Skill-up Guide
We share the entire content of our Instructional DVD on YouTube here!
How to Bind
How to Bind
Learn the essential tricks of modern yo-yoing!
Yo-Yo Maintenance
Change strings, pads and clean bearings!

Other Contents

Other Contents

  • Challenge to 10,000 times! (Engish Ver. is Coming)
  • Yo-Yo Termnology (Engish Ver. is Coming)
  • Yo-Yo Collection (Engish Ver. is Coming)
  • Yo-Yo Museum


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Tokyo Shibuya Yo-Yo Club
Tokyo Shibuya Yo-Yo Club (Coming soon)
Aichi Iwakura Yo-Yo Club
Aichi Iwakura Yo-Yo Club (Coming soon)

Carry Yo-Yos and Hire Professionals

Wholesale (Coming soon)
We are the official distributor for YoYoFactory, C3yoyodesign, CLYW, & iYoYo. Ask us for any yo-yo wholesale.
Yo-Yo Performers
Yo-Yo Performers (Coming soon)
We know many yo-yo performers/professionals for hire who can do yo-yo shows all over the world!
Novelty / Custom Yo-Yos
Novelty / Custom Yo-Yos (Coming soon)
Looking for giveaway yo-yos or event novelties? We can help you find the perfect model.
Yo-Yo Town, Iwakura
Yo-Yo Town, Iwakura (Coming soon)
We, Yo-Yo Company Inc. are working closely with our city, Iwakura, to make our hometown the heart of yo-yoing in Japan.