Joker Customizable Yo-Yo Bag (Joker Edition)

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YoYoJoker - Joker Customizable Yo-Yo Bag (Joker Edition)

This is the Joker edition of the ground-breaking customizable yo-yo bag.

This is the yo-yo bag that changed it all. Totally customizable, it comes as a three part system of a frame with two flaps, filled with sponge material to protect your gear.

The sponge has 8 50mm holes cut out, fitting standard sized yo-yo (you can even squeeze larger yo-yos into the holes if needed. There an additional smaller hole, in which our Bearing Cleaning Bottle. The inside of the top flap has a useful pocket for all kinds of stuff.

But the biggest advantage to this bag is its customizability. You can pop out the frame and expand it to double or triple size. Of course the flaps are interchangeable, as are the sponge cores, which can be switched out and modified to accommodate a wide spectrum of yo-yos and gear.

Building on this design, YoYoJoker intends to release differently shaped and colored parts, giving you the power to create your own personalized ideal yo-yo bag!

This is the Joker edition bag, with the YoYoJoker logo on the top flap. The rear flap is clear so you can see the yo-yos in the bag while it's closed. Because of this, it makes the bag itself a cool collection item you can easily grab and take with you.

Size: 24.5x19cm
Bag itself is made in China, sponge material is locally sourced in Japan.

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