Glass Bottle for Bearing Cleaning (Mini)

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Glass Bottle for Bearing Cleaning, Mini

This is a small glass bottle for when you need to clean your bearings.

This transparent bottle is for use when you need to clean out your bearings. Unlike regular bottles, the lid is made of durable plastic for a strong seal; you don't have to worry about it leaking and you can keep your cleaning agent in the bottle..

*When adding volatile solvents such as parts cleaner, please open the lid for a while after filling the bottle to allow them to off-gas a little before use. If you seal the bottle immediately, the pressure inside the bottle may become too strong, and it may blow out when you open it. There is even a possibility of unexpected rupture.

*Although the bottle is sturdy, if shaken too hard, the bottle can still break due to the bearing striking the inner wall. Please handle with care.

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Brand From Japan
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