Customizable Yo-Yo Bag (Standard Set)

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YoYoJoker - Customizable Yo-Yo Bag (Standard Set)

This yo-yo bag is easily customizeble to help you carry your collection around safely.

This new customizable yo-yo bag is a new original from YoYoJoker, composed of a frame with flap openings and a sponge fill to keep your yo-yos protected. The sponge body has 8 50mm holes cut to hold standard sized yo-yos, but of course, it can accommodate slightly larger yo-yos as well. In the smaller hole, our new mini bearing cleaning bottle will fit very nicely. Other small spaces are very convenient for small items, and there are pockets in the flaps for extra storage.

This bag's biggest feature is its customizability. You can layer the frame for double or triple capacity, switch out the flaps and customize your foam filling, letting you load up your bag however you see fit. There are a multitude of possible combinations, so your bag will express your individuality just as much as your yo-yo collection. If you remove the sponge filling, the bag will even carry off string yo-yos with easy. We will carry flaps and bags of different sizes and colors, giving you the chance to build your own ideal yo-yo bag.

Size: about 24.5x19cm
Set includes 1x top flap, 1x bottom flap, 1x frame, and 1x sponge fill.

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