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First Metal Yo-Yo First Bind Model
Color: Green
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YoYoFactory - Abyss

Classic x Modern. Kento Noda's first signature monometal.

The JDS series was designed by SUS Yo-Yo Mechanics. This is the first signature monometal model by Yo-Yo Factory team member Kento Noda.

The body shape is inherited from its base model, the Capital. The classic look is reminiscent of the early 2000's, but with a fusion of elements required for modern competitive freestyle play.

The round shape ensures a solid turning power, and the bumped response edge minimizes sleep loss to better handle long combos. You can go fast, but you can also connect your moves with ease even in a relaxed play style. Although it appears to be composed almost entirely of curves, there are cuts that finely adjust the weight distribution and the way the strings touch the body, providing an especially comfortable feel in the hand and during play. Most of the areas that touch the hand are rounded, and there is no stress while gripping.

The price is reasonable, and its pleasant feel makes it a good choice for first-time full metal players.

SUS YOYO MECHANICS design comments

Keyword: Lightweight, resistance, softness.

The presence of a yo-yo that that melts into your body.

I wanted power, but I didn't want it to feel heavy. The "Abyss" was created based on this consideration. We wanted to eliminate even the sense of resistance in momentum, the feeling of the yo-yo's weight as it moves back and forth. It was truly an impossible task.

The mono-metal, large curvature of the control edge, the shape of the edge, and the curvature were all adjusted to eliminate any sense of unnecessary presence. While maintaining the power of a competition yo-yo, the feel of the yo-yo does not try to show its power, and this overturns the image of a competition yo-yo.

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