REWIND Japan Pad (Slim size) (2pcs)

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REWIND Japan Pad (Slim size) 2-pack

High quality and reliable slim size response pads, made in Japan.

With an excellent balance of responsiveness and a forgiving smoothness, these reliable response pads are made in Japan.

Although there are many "slim size" pads out there, in truth there are slight variations from one maker to the next. With this in mind, we broke out the calipers and measures every pad we could get our hands on. The concept wasn't just to pick something versatile that "will do" for a variety of yo-yos, but rather to design a response pad that will draw out the best performance from most compatible yo-yos. The key spec we landed on was the pads "thickness" setting.

Yo-yos are all different and unique, and we've found a size that creates a nearly perfect fit on compatible yo-yos, minimizing the gap between the yo-yo's edge and the response pad itself, and creating a level response surface flush with the yo-yo's machined edge.

*While it's near perfect, due to the tight tolerances, there may be tiny variations from one lot to the next. In cases where the pad is too thick and sticks out above the edge, it will wear down with some use to sit flush.

Similarly, for the yo-yos with slightly shallower response areas, the "thin" version should give a near perfect fit.

Installing a thin pad that sits below the surface of the yo-yo's edge will give a smoother, more "slippy" setting. You can play with your setting by using one of each thickness. First try with standard thick pads, then play with the settings to find your perfect combination. You'll be amazed by how much changes with this minor modification.

*To ensure the best fit, always be sure to remove as much adhesive from the yo-yo body as possible. Especially if left in the response pad channel, the new pad will not sit flat.

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Hamad Almansouri
Choice of the elite

Kaoru Nakamura uses these pads, so I went to check them out and immediately found out my favorite 4A pads ! I use them now too.

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