YYR Double Straight Bearing

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yoyorecreation - YYR Double Straight Bearing

New from yoyorecreation, a bearing especially designed to maximize performance of your string trick yo-yo.

This new bearing from YYR is your newest option in the high-end bearing category. The straight concave shape is split into two steps (hence the name, "double straight"). This minimizes sleep loss for all string trick styles. The bearing spins forever, and is quite rust-resistant to ensure a long life.

This is a C-size bearing, and will fit any yo-yo compatible with C-size bearings. Examples include Protostar, Grind Machine, PHENOMizm, Speeder 2, Stargazer, Sleipnir, etc.
This is a D-size bearing, and will fit any yo-yo compatible with D-size bearings. Examples include Fragment, CLASHcube, XrossRoad, D-Strider, Enigma 2011, Momentum, etc.

This is a dry bearing; the maker has suggested using a drop of oil to protect the bearing. Click here for more information.

More Information

Brand yoyorecreation
Bearing Type Double Straight

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