YYJ Axle

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YYJ Axle
Usually there should be no need to replace this part, but here it is in case the original gets damaged or lost. Different models require specific axles, so please make sure you are ordering the right part for your yo-yo.

Legacy, Axiom, etc

New Breed, Atmosphere, etc

MiniMotrixx, Mini MoTu, SpeedMaker, Sunset Trajectory NXG, Super Spin FaKtor, Dragon Jam, etc

Big Ben, Black Knight, Dark Magic, Hitman, Journey, KickSide, Lyn Fury, ProJam, X-ConVict, Speeder, etc

Captivate, Collid3r, Meteor, Ai, etc

Surge, Classic, Trigger, Next Level, Night Moves 6, Phenom, Eneme, Trinity, Revolution, C-Force, ALL yo-yo's that use the Solid Spin Axle System, etc

Fiesta, etc

Big Yo, etc

Please note, regardless of the name, all yo-yos that use the Solid Spin Axle System use Type 6 Axles.

If your yo-yo isn't listed specifically, please use the table below to confirm your axle size. Axles can be removed using a small standard hex wrench. We cannot be held responsible for any damage you do to your yo-yo during maintenance.

YYJ Axle Sizes

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