YYF Trick Shot String

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YoYoFactory - Trick Shot String

Choose the length of your own string! This yo-yo string comes on 200ft (60m) roll.

This is an advanced product and is more involved than trimming regular yo-yo string, please watch the video and be sure this product is right for you before ordering.

Make a short string, make a long string, choose the length of your own yo-yo string without wasting any trimmings! The string in these rolls is pre-twisted, so all you have to do is pull twice the length of your desired string, fold it in half, and let it twist itself to create the loop at the end for your yo-yo to sit. This string is the same material used for YoYoFactory's standard string.

Official Description

The TRICKSHOT string comes on a spool allowing players to make it just as long as they want. Each spool will make 20 normal length string, 10 long strings and even allows players to make SUPER long strings to perform amazing long string tricks!

over 200ft of string the spool will twist up to a considerably shorter amount as a usable yoyo strings.

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