YYF Premium Hub Stack Kit

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YYF Premium Hub Stack Kit (Dorothy Upgrade set)

This is a set of genuine YoYoFactory hubstacks with O-rings, and high-quality dorothy bearings.

This set includes two hubstacks, two O-rings and two Dorothy bearings, to replace the hubstacks on a single yo-yo in case the originals are lost or damaged, or if you want a different color hubstack. These bearings are the same models that come standard with hubstack yo-yos. If you are looking for hubstacks without the bearings, please check out the YYF G5 Kit.

*This part can only be used for YoYoFactory yo-yos compatible with hubstacks.

Weight for individual parts
Hubstacks (2x): 1.2g
O-rings (2x): 0.1g
Bearings (2x): 2.4g
Total: 3.7g

More Information

Brand YoYoFactory
Weight (g) 1.0

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