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YYF Multi Tool (Bearing Remover, String Cutter, Axle Remover)

A sweet multi-tool for all your yo-yo maintenance, this Multi Tool is indispensible for yo-yo players of all kinds. Regulate your string length, remove bearings, and Axle remove all with this keyring tool.

This multi-tool is super useful, performing several different important functions. Stick the bearing remover into a bearing to gently lift it off a yo-yo (made for standard YYF size bearings). A cutter is hidden on the other side for easy string length regulation. The recessed blade ensures your safety. Finally, the tool also has a Loop1080 adjustment key, which also doubles to help pull tangled string off the bearing, saving you time taking your yo-yo apart to rescue a tangle.

>>[Yo-Yo] How to Use YYF Multi Tool

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a MUST get

this is the most useful yoyo tool on the planet. you have to get it. instead of paying for bearing removers and axle tools, just buy this. this is so much cheaper. also, if you have to change out strings, but you didn’t bring any scissors, then you could just use this. this comes with an inbuilt string cutter. lastly, it has a very compact design. bearing removers, axle wrenches, and scissors will be hard to put in a case. but, this is small enough to bring everywhere. overall, it is a very good tool and i would highly recommend.

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