YoYoStringLab (VENOM) x 10

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YoYoStringLab (AMMO) x 10

This is the signature string of 2008 1A US Champion, Eric Koloski.

Derived from the Type X string, VENOM is Eric Koloski’s new signature string. The same thickness as the Type X, the VENOM likes to fly about and makes for great slack-style tricks. It has a very interesting feeling to it that you should try for yourself.

YoYoStringLab, true to its name, manufactures "Lab-Grade String," from single colors to 3-color mixed string to give you a chance to match up your string and yo-yo design. All of their strings retain these six main features:

* superb texture and feel
* fast, smooth play
* whips, suicides and slack tricks are made easier as the string is more responsive to string tension
* colors last longer
* high humidity doesn't greatly affect string feel
* variation between lots is minimized by a high level of quality control

In order to differentiate between their strings, YoYoStringLab has created its own "type" classifications. This is different from the standard "type 6" and "type 8" classifications.

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