YoYoStringLab (Type 1) x 10

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YoYoStringLab (Type 1) x 10

The Type 1 string from YoYoStringLab emphasizes softness above all else.

The "softness" of the Type 1 string is felt especially when the yo-yo lands on the string and when the string rubs against your finger. You will notice and enjoy this string's softness compared to non-brand strings the more you play with it. Generally, you'd expect softer strings to handle catch-type tricks less smoothly, but this string actually maintains a beautiful loop during suicide tricks.

YoYoStringLab, true to its name, manufactures "Lab-Grade String," from single colors to 3-color mixed string to give you a chance to match up your string and yo-yo design. This string's main features include:

* superb texture and feel
* fast, smooth play
* whips, suicides and slack tricks are made easier as the string is more responsive to string tension
* colors last longer
* high humidity doesn't greatly affect string feel
* variation between lots is minimized by a high level of quality control

In order to differentiate between their strings, YoYoStringLab has created its own "type" classifications. This is different from the standard "type 6" and "type 8" classifications.

Generally, it seems that the colored and mixed-color strings are slightly stiffer than the undyed "white" colors. Our staff has tested this string and come to the conclusion that Type1, Type2, and TypeX strings are increasingly stiffer, in that order. Player preferences may vary, so we encourage you to try a variety of string to determine your favorite string. Comes with a free sticker.

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