YoYoMaker Yo-Yo Hook for Pegboard (For Looping Yo-Yo)

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YoYoMaker Yo-Yo Hook for Pegboard (For Looping Yo-Yo)

These hooks are designed to easily display your looping yo-yos.

Designed to be used with pegboard with holes set 25mm apart. The hook design allows you to hang up your yo-yo with the string attached, so you can easily pick up and play, or grab your throw of the day and hit the road!

The Hooks can be moved around and used with a right angle joint to turn the yo-yos, so you can either display the profile or the side face. Yo-Yo hooks come with a little bit of supportive material attached, you can just nip them off with some clippers or pull them off with some pliers.

To install the hook, insert the long leg through the upper hole and hinge it so the shorter leg goes through the board hole below.

*These hooks are thinner than the string trick version, and are designed to be used with looping/tug response models.

*These hooks require a pegboard (not included), cannot be used by themselves to display yo-yos.

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