YoYoJam Shim sets (Gray)

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YoYoJam Shim set (Gray)

(Set of two) YoYoJam exclusive shims, for setting a fixed gap in your favorite yo-yos. These pads are 0.4mm thick.

By installing this shim into the bearing seat, you can easily set your gap at a fixed width. YoYoJam currently makes two sets of shims with different thicknesses. This gray version is the thinner of the two, at 0.4mm. You can also go half-and-half with the red version for a setting in between the two. If you do not especially know or care about your yo-yo's gap width, there is no need to get this part.

For use with: YoYoJam yo-yos with a large bearing size (.250x.500x.187in), Twist-Apart with Adjustable Gap type, such as Speeder, Hitman, Kickside, etc

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Brand YoYoJam
Weight (g) 1.0

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