YoYo Palace String (Normal) x100

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YoYo Palace String (Normal) x100

Official Description

After quantifying and testing the material ratio of yo-yo string, we finally determined and customized the white and yellow strings belonging to YYP.

It hardly needs a break in period. When you tie it with yo-yo, you can step up to the stage to compete or enjoy your yo-yo time. It is even, smooth, and sturdy. It can maintain the expected shape in the air and very sensitive to the force feedback from the fingers. Meanwhile, as a medium to connect player and yo-yo, it can also accurately transmit to players the condition of yo-yo when it spins. Also super durable, and it won't get rough until the players replace it.

As for the length, the length of 1.3m is suitable for almost all divisions and demands of styles and tricks;

As for the size of thickness, we finally decided to only produce the normal size, because it is the most handy and comprehensive both on stage and in daily life;

As for the packaging, YYP rejected the traditional plastic bags and chose the cloth bags which are more similar to the string materials, which can undoubtedly improve the quality,style and taste of the player's yo-yo life.

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