Yo-Yo Board ILOVEYOYO (1)

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Yo-Yo Board ILOVEYOYO (1)

A new way to keep your yo-yos close at hand and on display.

With the Yo-Yo Boards, you can easily put your yo-yos up on the wall for display and quick access. These boards are handmade in Germany, so you can be assured that the build quality is top notch. The back is coated in felt, so it's gentle on your walls.

Your yo-yos rest securely between the pegs in the board. The board can handle any average-sized yo-yos, which you can put up on the board for easy access or to proudly display your collection. Because you can grab the yo-yos off the board so easily, it's not just limited to collectors, anyone can find the Yo-Yo Board useful.

So round up all those yo-yos that've been scattered around your room and put them up on your wall. This is a special version branded by German yo-yo maker ILOVEYOYO, and the board itself also has a special shape to it.

There are different sizes of the ILOVEYOYO boards. Sizing is as follows:
1: 17x12cm
2: 17x19cm
4: 24x20cm

The yo-yos in the photo is just for display purposes, they don't come with the board. Nice try.

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