YJYOYO Rim Alignment Tool (for Bi-Metal)

YJ YOYOSKU: yjyoyo-acc-rimalignmenttool

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YJYOYO Bi-Metal Rim Alignment Tool

Official Description

The Alignment Tool is a specially designed tool that allows players using external bimetals to straighten the rim directly. As a result of testing with many players,

In particular, when the inner body is not bent and only the rim is detached due to impact, the rim is restored to its original position to reduce vibration. The use of midship metal have no effect.

but in the case of outer bimetals, it's very effective.

It is a useful tool for repairing rim detachment in our actual stores.

It is not effective for mono-metal yo-yo, so please use it only for outer bimetallic yo-yo.

how to use

1. Remove both the yo-yo shaft and bearing.

2. Place yo-yo on a flat, soft floor.

3. Place the tool on the yo-yo as shown in the picture. At this time, to prevent the tool from sliding down the yo-yo,

Hold the tool and yo-yo with your left hand.

4.Apply moderate force to the center of the tool with a rubber hammer.

If you hit it too hard, the body may bend, so please hit it with moderate force.

More Information

Weight (g) 1.0

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