Woodbullet Wood Bearing Set

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Hyper Yo-Yo - Woodbullet Wood Bearing Set

This is the replacement wooden axle for the Hyper Yo-Yo Woodbullet.

This wooden axle is a replacement for the Hyper Yo-Yo Woodbullet. Instructions for replacing the axle are written on the back on the packaging.

It's listed here as a bearing, but since the Woodbullet doesn't actually use bearings, it's more accurate to call it an axle. Over time, the wood axle will wear out, and you will need to replace it. You don't have to replace it super frequently, but when the yo-yo's response starts to change, it's time to replace the axle. This axle will also work on the Duncan ProYo and Profly.

Similar replacement axles are here. These are unbranded axles, and are cheaper because they are sold individually and without packaging.

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Brand Bandai Hyper Yo-Yo
Weight (g) 1.0

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