Wood Design Io String (Code 2-0-5-0) x10

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‌Wood Design Io String (Code 2-0-5-0) x10

Top quality string, made in Japan!

Wood Design Io is the small group of Japanese craftsmen who have gained a large following on social media for their high quality string and wooden yo-yos. This is a pack of their excellent yo-yo string.

Although it's still being referred to as a prototype, this string is already being used by many players both on and off the stage, and has been used to great effect at yo-yo contests.

One of the key features of this string is its longevity, which means you can play longer and harder before needing to replace it.

This model string has the control code: 2-0-5-0. This is the base model of Wood Design Io's string codes. It has low friction, and is exceptionally smooth. Because it has such little friction with your finger, it can slide smoothly over your skin during play, which has an all-around great feeling. It also holds its shape during laceration and slack-style tricks, with minimum elasticity.

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