Werrd Holder

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Werrd Holder

Werrd's unique yo-yo holder, making creative use of silicone bands. Because you only get better through practice, it's easier to carry your yo-yo around everywhere.

This yo-yo holder is made by Australian maker Werrd. The band is made from silicone, similar to the bracelets made popular by the Livestrong campaign, and has Werrd's brand name stamped onto it. The wooden bead has Werrd's logo branded onto it as well, and it's all clipped into a small carabiner. The band is rather wide, which makes it perfect for a wing shape yo-yo (like the Mercury, Protostar, Sleipnir, etc), but is not very good for classic shape yo-yos (Hyper Comet, Woodbullet, Firedog, etc)

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