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ILOVEYOYO - Void 2011

The Void is reborn for the modern era.

With low-cost and high-quality as its core concept, the ever-popular Void is getting a refresh for 2011. The basic specs remain unchanged, with an unusually straight shape for ILYY's lineup. The size is just perfect, well suited for anyone's hands. One big difference from the previous version is the blast finish has given way to a beautiful polished anodization. Of course the yo-yo performs splendidly, with a focus on spin.

For play or for practice, or just for your collection, the Void is such a good buy, you can't afford not to get one. Comes with a branded ILYY velvet pouch.

For replacement response pads, use IrPad's ILYY Large size.

More Information

Series None
Style String Trick (1A, 3A, 5A)
age Not Mentioned
Designed In Germany
Release Year 2011
Weight (g) 66.2
Diameter (mm) 52.25
Width (mm) 41.1
Trapeze Width (mm) 37
Body Shape Step Straight
Body Material Aluminum
Rim N/A
Bearing Type Ball Bearing
Bearing Size Size L (ILYY,OXY5)
Response System ILYY Original Pad Size
Axle -
Twist-apart Twist-Apart
Spacer None
Bind Bind Required
Surface None
Maintenance Pad/Sticker/O-Ring Change Required


StringC3 Pro String (Fat) x100
MaintenanceYYF DARK MATTER Lubricant

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