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Henrys - Viper Flux

Widen your horizons with the hubstack-equipped version of the Viper Neo, the Viper Flux.

The Flux Axle makes an appearance on the Viper Neo, giving rise to the Viper Flux. The Flux Axle is similar to YoYoFactory's hubstacks, with a star-shaped stack on the outside edge that spins independantly of the yo-yo. This is great for aspiring off string players who have trouble landing the forward pass mount. The stacks are connected to each other, penetrating through the bearing; they can be easily removed without affecting play. The rubber ring is really tough, letting you play rough without having to worry about the yo-yo. Loaded with the same Gecko Pad as the Viper Neo, the response system is very smooth but snappy, making it a great model for string play as well.

This yo-yo is not compatible with AXYS parts

More Information

Brand Henrys
Series None
Signature -
Style Off String (4A)
age 6+
Designed In Germany
Release Year 2010
Weight (g) 64.0
Diameter (mm) 65.6
Width (mm) 43.0
Trapeze Width (mm) 40
Body Shape Round
Body Material Aluminum
Rim Rubber
Bearing Type Ball Bearing
Bearing Size Size D (Hspin)
Response System Gecko Pad
Axle -
Twist-apart Twist-Apart
Spacer None
Bind Bind Required
Surface None
Maintenance Pad/Sticker/O-Ring Change Required

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