TP Ti Center Lock Axle

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Turning Point - TP Ti Center Lock Axle

This lightweight titanium axle locks tightly in place and keep your yo-yo in perfect balance.

This titanium axle from Turning Point is designed to shave weight from the very center of your yo-yo for a power-up. Normal axles that are threaded all the way through are very difficult to thread completely evenly on both sides. Just a little bit of uneven mass in the heart of the yo-yo can throw off its perfect balance, no matter how fancy it is. This Center Lock Axle is designed to avoid that possibility; the unthreaded stopper section in the middle will stop you from over-tightening each side, keeping all things in perfect balance, as they should be.

Because of this design, this axle comes in a few sizes to make sure there are enough threads to properly hold your yo-yos together, and you can also try different sizes to fine-tune your core mass (for example, a yo-yo with a M4x10mm axle can use the M4x8mm Center Lock Axle).

Regardless of your yo-yo's maker, if it's a compatible size you can use these axles to upgrade any standard throw. This includes almost any model from YoYoFactory, C3yoyodesign, and many more (we've tested this extensively). There may be some yo-yos this doesn't work with, but we have yet to find any!

Maker Comment:

This Ti Center Lock Axle is made by Turning Point with a high level of precision and meets a high standard.

This is actually made of Grade 5 titanium, a special alloy that is stronger and lighter than standard titanium, and has a stopper section in the middle to make sure your yo-yo sees the full benefit of the titanium upgrade, and stays balanced.

  • Length: 8mm
    Example Compatible Models: TP titanium yo-yos
  • Length:12mm
    Example Compatible Models: BGM, MSG, etc
  • Length:14mm
    Example Compatible Models: Leviathan series, Colony, St. Elmo, etc.

*Please note that a titanium axle is lighter, but not stronger than a stainless steel one. Please avoid stripping the threads and over-tightening your yo-yos when outfitted with this axle.

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Brand Turning Point
Weight (g) 1.0

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Noticeable Improvement

I tried this out on a ZGRT Durendal not expecting to even notice a difference. Boy, was I wrong. The Durendal is already a very stable yoyo, but swapping out the axle for this one made it even better. It holds the plane incredibly well and rarely leans while doing tricks. In fact it barely leans during long sleeper tests.

I'm sure the effect wouldn't be the same on every yoyo, depending on each brand's or model's tolerances, and of course the bearing will make a difference. But matching the threaded length of the axle for each half perfectly balances the yoyo and definitely improves stability. For the price, a fraction of the cost of the yoyo itself, it's easily worth it. So much so that I ordered more for my other favorite yoyos.

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