TP K-Pad (1pc)

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TP K-Pad

Silicone, K-Pad Large Slim size, standard hardness.

This is a silicone pad, well known for its balance between responsiveness and its smoothness. Silicone has lately become a favorite material for response pads. Response pads are consumable goods, so we recommend ordering more than one!

Slim size to be used with: Shutter, Protostar, Chaotic, Leviathon2, etc.
Can also be used on YoYoJam Silicone Ring type response systems, eg. New Breed, Legacy, etc.

Broad size to be used with: Counter Attack, Whip, Counter Attack, Die-Nasty, Leviathan1 etc.

Although the model name might be the same, the response system may be different, so please check before you make your purchase.

This product is sold individually, price is for one pad.

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