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Toxic String Signature String

Tweaked to the specifications of famous players, these are signature strings!

Each of these ten packs of string are especially suited for different professional players:

Markmont Dragon String
The Dragon string was made for veteran American 1A player Mark Montgomery. Since Mark is a member of team onedrop, this string was developed jointly by the two companies.

Compared to normal strings, the Dragon String has a greater twist , with 14 strands made of 100% polyester. Despite this, the string isn't too thick, and it is woven to feel both thin and stiff, giving the string a beautiful shape during whip and slack tricks.

The string has a velvety feeling for smooth play, and was developed to have just enough thickness than the string wouldn't interfere with itself during slack tricks. With great control even at high speeds, the Dragon String met all of Mark's requirements for his ultimate string.

One thing worthy of special mention is the string's lifespan, which is particularly impressive even amongst Toxic's own lineup. According to Mark, the string only starts to loosen up after about 2 hours of play, and maintains its thickness instead of getting thicker like other strings. He estimates he could play with a single string for 10 hours of continuous play, and after washing it's good for another 10 hours!

BG1 Yellowjackets
The string with the hornet logo is the signature string for Brett Grimes. Brett wanted a comfortable, highly visible string to use for shooting videos, and Toxic delivered a soft, loosely woven string that's on the thick side. It holds slack really well and is gentle on your hands, and although it's thick, it's still a little thinner than Toxic's other offerings.

"Snakes" is the nickname of Jacob Gross, and it's now the appropriate name of his new signature string. The coloring is reminiscent of a serpent; looking at first like a solid green, but it's actually a mix of deep and light greens, giving the impression of depth, like layered scales, if you will. This concept extended even into the packaging, as the string is coiled up, like a snake. The Snakes are similar in feeling to the BG1 Yellowjackets, but slightly thinner and smoother, with a focus on speedy play.

Great White
The Great White was designed for 3A player Mack Finley, but it's a great choice for players of all styles. Following Mack's wishes, Toxic made the Great White with the softness of their thick Metz string, but with the smoothness of the BG1 Yellowjackets. In addition to this, the Great White also boasts a similar stretch and longevity as the Markmont Dragon Strings.

Please note, there is no "best" or "easiest to use" string; it either suits your style or it doesn't. Try a variety of strings to find the ones that suit you best!

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