Toxic String Metz (Thin)

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Toxic String - Metz (Thin)

These luxurious polyester strings are smooth as butter.

With the firm stiffness of Toxic Strings, the Metz strings were designed to be especially soft. Toxic is known for their ability to hold their shape for suicides, slack and whip tricks, and the soft Metz strings come in two thicknesses. This is the thinner of the two.

The Metz Thin is about the same thickness as Toxic's other strings, and is even a little thicker than normal non-brand poly strings. Of Toxic's strings, the Metz Thin gives you the closest feeling to Kitty string, and is a good way to transition to Toxic's thicker offerings.

Please note, there is no "best" or "easiest to use" string; it either suits your style or it doesn't. Try a variety of strings to find the ones that suit you best!

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