Toxic String

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Toxic String

Smooth as silk, this 10-pack of string is handmade in the USA.

Toxic String is a unique concept made reality. These 100% polyester strings are handmade in the USA, and shine with a great brilliance. They have a real smooth feeling, but compared to other polyester strings, Toxic Strings are particularly thick and stiff, making them superb for whips and slack tricks.

Each coloring has its own name, so check out the photos for a better idea of what your string will look like.

Toxic Yellow (yellow/white)
Radiation Orange (orange/brown)
Sonic Bellow (blue/yellow/white)
Atomic Wonder (blue/yellow/orange/purple/green)

Please note, there is no "best" or "easiest to use" string; it either suits your style or it doesn't. Try a variety of strings to find the ones that suit you best!

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