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Top Yo Bearing Tool

This high quality tool will easily remove the most stubbornly stuck bearings.

This bearing remover to help you remove your tight-fitted size C and C- bearings. One end of the tool is threaded to make it easy to get a super tight grip on the bearing and remove it from its seat.

Modern yo-yo designs often features tightly fixed bearings. While using pliers is a common approach to removing those bearings, this tool is easier to use, especially with stubbornly stuck bearings, and reduces the chance of damaging the bearing in the process.

How to use:
1. Disassemble your yo-yo and if the side with the bearing has the axle installed, remove it prior to using the tool. Some models make it difficult to remove the axle, please check your yo-yo's documentation before attempting this.

2. Lightly unscrew the screw-cap on the end of the remover, then insert the other end into the bearing.

3. Tighten the screw-cap until the tool tightly grips the bearing, then rock the bearing remover to loosen the seating and separate it from the yo-yo body.

4. Unscrew the screw-cap and take the bearing off the remover.

Check the Instagram video below for a demonstration of this tool in use.

*This product is made for use with size C and C- bearings
*This product makes removing bearings easier, but is no guarantee and depending on the condition of the yo-yo and bearing there may be situations where even this remover will not work.

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Colin Gilligan
Slow shipping

Takes 2 weeks to get from west to east. I think they should offer better free ship

Thank you for your order. REWIND Worldwide ships your order from Japan. Therefore, it may take longer than regular domestic shipping within the US. Thank you for your understanding.

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