Throw 2008 DVD By Brandon Jackson

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Throw 2008 DVD By Brandon Jackson
Throw is a compilation DVD of the latest tricks of 2008, by Brandon Jackson.

Duncan Crew's Brandon Jackson presents Throw 2008. American top players Yuuki Spencer and Jason Lee are featured, presenting the newest tricks as of 2008. Even now, the DVD has a fresh feeling and most of the material is still quite impressive and exceedingly difficult. We recommend it to those who want to increase their repertoire of tricks. Even to a beginner, this video conveys just how cool yo-yos can be. The entire DVD is in English, but as it's arranged like a compilation video, if you don't understand English you can still enjoy the material. Length: about 30 minutes, plus bonus videos.

Featuring: Adam Brewster、Spencer Berry、Mark Allen、Yuuki Spencer、Tyler Severance、Seth Peterson、Dave Poyzer、Chris Fraser、Danny Severance、Abe Ziaimehr、Jason Lee、Takeshi Kamisato、Hank Freeman、Samm Scott、Paul Yath、Anthony Greer、Randy Jansen、Brandon Jackson

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