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tez Shim

Hokkaido's famous modder and parts maker, Tez's original aluminum shim.

This shim turns YoYoJam's adjustable gap into a fixed gap. Despite the freedom the adjustable gap gives, many people get frustrated at having to reset their configuration every time they open the yo-yo. This shim solves that issue and lets you preserve your settings.

Unlike the original plastic shims, this aluminum shim is more durable and easier to insert and remove. Each shim is 0.5mm, and you can stack them in pairs to give you even more control over the gap width. *please note that depending on the yo-yo you use, stacking the shims could result in the string getting caught between the bearing and body, so please mod with caution!)

For use with YoYoJam with Large size bearings (.250x.500x.187in): Speeder, Hitman, KickSide, Lyn Fury, etc

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Brand Tez
Weight (g) 1.0

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