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Shinwoo - SW301

Auto-return AND lights, the SW301 is a simple yo-yo that combines two useful functions.

Auto-return makes the yo-yo return to your hand when it starts to slow down, and the LEDs keep it lit up while the yo-yo spins, making this a fun and easy yo-yo to toss around casually. While many auto-return or light-up models tend to have the gimmick only loaded on one side, it causes unbalance. The SW301 has the auto-return function on one side, and Shinwoo's Fire Circuit on the other, giving both functions and keeping the yo-yo better balanced (one side is 29 grams, the other is 27). Thanks to this and its functions, it's easy to recommend to beginners; making even easy tricks look impressive with its lights. Although the lights are only on one side of the yo-yo, the body is clear, so you can see it from any angle. The red LED is very bright, making it easy to stand out in a crowd.

The weight measurements were performed by measuring each side of the yo-yo under the assumption that the axle weighs 2 grams. Also, sometimes the side caps are rather loosely installed, but this does not affect play.

More Information

Brand Shinwoo
Series None
Signature -
Style Beginner
age 9+
Designed In Korea
Weight (g) 59.4
Diameter (mm) 57.22
Width (mm) 34.52
Trapeze Width (mm) 18
Body Shape Normal
Body Material Plastic (Polycarbonate/ABS/PS)
Rim N/A
Bearing Type Plastic Spool
Bearing Size N/A
Response System Starburst
Axle -
Twist-apart Twist-Apart
Spacer None
Bind Tug Return
Surface None
Maintenance String Change Only


StringString type 6 (poly100%)
ProtectorFinger Wrap Tape

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