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YoYoFactory - Superstar

The flagship model of YoYoFactory gets a bimetal version!

Since the first lot was release in 2008, the Superstar has seen several iterations, being reborn with each new innovation as the design evolved over the years. Finally the Superstar gets stainless steel wings to make the first bimetal version! When bimetal yo-yos first became popular, they expensive and difficult to make perfectly balanced. Now that the production methods have been perfected, YoYoFactory has created a top-class yo-yo if can be proud to call its flagship model, without the top-class price tag.

All of the theories behind the Superstar have been tweaked to suit its new materials. The unique H-profile has been rounded into an almost step-round shape, with a wide, shallow groove added to the profile. Thanks to these changes, YoYoFactory has pulled the maximum power out of the new Superstar. In addition, the side face has evolved from totally flat to a concave face, which both moves the weight from the center to the heavier rim for added power, and makes top-on style horizontal tricks even easier than before. You can rely on the new Superstar to help widen your horizons and improve your craft.

>>2016EJB Final 1A 02 Daiki Tanaka

More Information

Brand YoYoFactory
Series None
Signature -
Style String Trick (1A, 3A, 5A)
age 8+
Designed In USA
Release Year 2016
Weight (g) 65.8
Diameter (mm) 54.88
Width (mm) 42.6
Trapeze Width (mm) 40
Body Shape H-Profile
Body Material Aluminum (6061)
Rim Stainless Steel
Bearing Type Center Trac Bearing
Bearing Size Size C (Large)
Response System Slim (OD 19mm)
Axle M4 x 10mm
Twist-apart Twist-Apart
Spacer None
Bind Bind Required
Surface Smooth Processed
Maintenance Pad/Sticker/O-Ring Change Required


StringC3 Pro String (Fat) x100
BearingCLYW x iYoYo Pixel Bearing
PadREWIND Japan Pad
MaintenanceYYF DARK MATTER Lubricant

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