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yoyofactory - Supernova

Tyler Severance's signature model gets a third renewal!

Over the years, Supernova has been one of YoYoFactory's most popular models. Introduced in 2010, the Supernova is now a standard throw in the competition scene, and with good reason. With each iteration, the Supernove keeps getting better, and this third edition is no exception.

The step-straight body comes down to a razor's width from the response area for an ultra low edge. Along with the slightly bumped response area, the effect is incredibly low sleep loss. The diameter and body width remain untouched which should give Supernova fans a familiar feeling, but YYF revisited the yo-yo's weight distribution, giving it a new, distinct flavor of its own that you simply must try. The new Supernova's speed and control both shine even brighter than before.

With these upgrades, the new Supernova is sure to become YoYoFactory's next top model.

More Information

Brand YoYoFactory
Series None
Signature Tyler Severance
Style String Trick (1A, 3A, 5A)
age 8+
Designed In USA
Release Year 2013
Weight (g) 67.0
Diameter (mm) 56.31
Width (mm) 44.1
Trapeze Width (mm) 40
Body Shape Step Straight
Body Material Aluminum
Rim N/A
Bearing Type 10-Ball Bearing
Bearing Size Size C (Large)
Response System Slim (OD 19mm)
Axle -
Twist-apart Twist-Apart
Spacer None
Bind Bind Required
Surface Both Available
Maintenance Pad/Sticker/O-Ring Change Required


StringC3 Pro String (Fat) x100
BearingCLYW x iYoYo Pixel Bearing
PadREWIND Japan Pad
MaintenanceYYF DARK MATTER Lubricant

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
2013 REWIND Vote
2013 REWIND Vote

the supernova has a really smooth paint job it is really well balanced awesome spin time it has a really cool design it is just a truly awesome yoyo. i recommend it to pros who don't have heaps to spend and want a really smooth paint job.


2013 REWIND Vote
2013 REWIND Vote

It is the best so far. Flawless.


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