Spindle Case 55mm S size

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Spindle Case 55mm S size

Made by YoYoJoker, a spindle type screwcase for your yo-yos. Can fit any single yo-yo with a diameter under 55mm.

This is certainly a new shape for yo-yo cases! YoYoJoker's spindle case is shaped like a giant screw. The inner diameter is 55mm, so any yo-yos under that size will fit into the smaller cylinder.

Carrying yo-yos can be troublesome for some people, and so YoYoJoker has stepped up with this unique design to help you carry and protect your treasures. The spindle body is hard to open accidentally whilst bouncing around in a backpack, but it can easily be opened when you're ready to take out the yo-yo for practice. It's clear plastic, showing off the contents as well.

Just to be sure, please confirm your yo-yo's size before you purchase a fitted case like this. Please use this page for reference (it's arranged from smallest to largest diameter). We found that up to the RecRev No.9 fit into this case, but we haven't tested this with every yo-yo, so please check for yourself before purchasing.

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Brand YoYoJoker
Weight (g) 1.0

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