sOMEThING Neon String (Type 2) x100

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sOMEThING - Neon String (Type 2) x100

100% Type 2 Polyester string made by sOMEThING.

This polyester string is made by high-end Japanese maker, sOMEThING. Compared to the first generation, the Type 2 has a softer texture, with a focus on making a delightful feeling during play. Also the string is slightly thinner than before, giving it a bit more slip and softening the response of your yo-yo.

*We do NOT recommend using this string with yo-yos that use starburst response systems. The friction from the response area will cause the polyester to melt and the string will quickly break. If your yo-yo has a starburst response system, we recommend using a 50/50 string like the Type 6.

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