Silicone O-ring (For YoYoJam O-ring)

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Silicone O-ring (for YoYoJam O-ring)

Silicone response O-ring for use with YoYoJam models.

This is a silicone response ring with a hardness of 50/P14. This is the same size as the standard YoYoJam O-ring, but is slightly softer than the standard O-ring, giving it a stronger, tighter response. The inner diameter is a little on the small side, so when installing the O-ring, you'll need to stretch it a little to make it fit. Unlike the geniune O-ring, this one will not stain your string.

To install it, hold one end with your thumb, and use your index finger to push it out in a circle.

This price is for a single response pad.

For use with yo-yos that use the YoYoJam O-ring response system standard, such as the Journey, Lyn Fury, Big Ben, Hitman, etc. It is also compatible with the hybrid O-ring/star response systems (Black Knight, KickSide etc).

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Brand From Japan
Weight (g) 1.0

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