Side Effect (Lego)

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Onedrop - Side Effect (Lego)

This aluminum lego side effect is for use with onedrop yo-yos (compatible with side effects); originally designed to protect the axle, the shape and material can also be used to regulate its weight, so you can choose the side effect for the right setting and visual impact you want.

For an even more unique setting, this part is compatible with Lego blocks (not included), so you can stick legos onto your yo-yo to create a bizarre new creation. Practical? Who cares!?

Material: Aluminum or Brass
Weight: 2.7g (Brass: 5.7g)
(weight includes both side effect sides and axle)

For comparison, the other side effect specs are as follows:
Aluminum Ultralight: 2.5g
Aluminum Dome: 3.0g
Aluminum Lego: 2.7g
Aluminum Dietz (comes loaded on the Dietz): 3.0g
Aluminum Spike (comes loaded on the 54): 3.2g
Aluminum Code1: 3.9g
Aluminum Disk: 7.4g
Aluminum Mini Disk: 4.8g
Aluminum Sakura: 2.9g
Brass Dome (comes with the 54): 6.6g
Brass Spike: 7.2g
Brass Ultralight: 5.2g
Brass Code1: 9.5g

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