Shinwoo Response Pad Standard

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Shinwoo Response Pad Standard

Shinwoo's response pads, which come loaded on its Zen 3 and Griffin Wing 2.

These are Shinwoo's reversible response pads, with a textured starburst pattern on one side and a flat surface on the other. Just by flipping the pad over you can change your yo-yo's resopnse settings, for easy adjustment. These pads are very durable, so you should only need to buy them if you really wear out your pads or if they get lost.

For use with yo-yos compatible with Shinwoo's Reversible Pad, such a the ZanNavi 3, Zen 3, Griffin Wing 2, etc. Can also be used in place of YoYoJam's O-ring or Hybrid response system, such as the Lyn Fury, Mini Mo-Trix, Hitman, Speeder, Hybrid Hitman, Dark Magic, etc

*These pads are sold individually, price is for one pad only.

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Brand Shinwoo
Weight (g) 1.0

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