Rust Proofing Tablet

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Rust Proofing Tablet

This anti-rust tablet is perfect for keeping your multi-metal yo-yos clean and shiny.

This special anti-rust tablet is perfect for your yo-yos and bearings, and is sealed in a special packaging so it's able to be handled without protective clothing.

Just throw your yo-yo or bearings into the special container and let the anti-rust agent work its magic. As a bonus, it will not negatively affect the look of brass elements.

Each tablet can complete de-rust about 3.5 liters of sealed airspace total, although you're limited to what you can fit in the chamber at one time. The airtight container is easy to operate, and can seal in the anti-rust effectiveness for up to 24 months.

Thanks to the Fick principle, the anti-corrosion agent will permeate the entire airtight chamber, treating every nook and cranny of your yo-yo's surface, including miniscule pinholes that may be impossible to treat with any other method.

Once sealed, let your parts sit in the chamber for several hours to an entire day. The anti-rust element will permeate the chamber and create a membrane over the entire surface that's only two nanometers thick. Once removed from the chamber, this coating will harmlessly dissolve over the course of a few hours once its job is done.

This coating protects from the elements that cause rust with the exception of salt content. Aside from wiping your yo-yo down or cleaning the surface of the parts, no special steps or processes need to be followed before or after treating your parts. No need for any other drying agents or dessicants, anti-rust oil or liquid, or de-oxygenating agents are necessary. Also, no special cleaning or washing is needed after removing from the chamber, so you can pretty much immediately reassemble and play with your yo-yo!

This product is RoHS compliant, certified by the FDA, and is compliant to the MIL standards. Contains no nitrite, phosphoric acidic compounds, or silica, making it safe to handle, even if it comes in contact with metal, resins, or food products.

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