RhiNo (Multi Tool)

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MonkeyfingeR Design - RhiNo (Multi Tool)

This rhino-shaped multi-tool boasts the power of five different tools.

This multi-tool from MonkeyfingeR Design uses a rhino motif, giving you a string cutter, axle removal tool, bearing removal tool, bottle opener, and a string hook to free your yo-yo from knots.

The string cutter is a closed ring, making it a very safe design. The protruding part can be used instead of a wrench to remove bearings, and the small square protrusion on the opposite side is for bearings. The large horn is great for freeing tangles in your string and is useful in other situations as well. It also forms part of the bottle opener. Pass a chain through the rhino's "mouth" and put it on your keychain for easy carrying.

*The bearing remover is meant for size C bearings without spacers. The axle remover is intended for MonkeyfingeR's yo-yos, but we've tested it with standard YYF and YYJ models. Your mileage may vary.

>> The MonkeyfingeR Design "Rhino" Multi-Tool

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