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YoYoJam - Rextreme

Rei Iwakura's new signature off string yo-yo takes off string to the next level!

The Rextreme is the product of extensive development and countless prototypes. 2008's off string world champion, Rei Iwakura's stoic quest for perfection has resulted in this masterpiece. The Rextreme's quality has placed itself as a new standard for off string yo-yos, both appeasing the high standards of professional players, but also appealing to a wide audience, showing even beginners just how fun off string can be.

The Rextreme has clear roots in the Big Yo, Iwakura's former favorite off string model. The Rextreme's trapeze width is almost identical to the Big Yo, while dropping the diameter down a bit, for better stability and spinning power. This also reduces the sense that the yo-yo is too big in the hand, a complaint many had of the Big Yo. Keeping even the coloring from the Big Yo, the Rextreme incorporates the Solid Spin Axle system and midship weights, YoYoJam's most recent developments in yo-yo technology.

Up until now, the Big Yo has been Iwakura's go-to model for competitive and performance play. Its wide catch zone is a clear advantage, but the Big Yo has a lot of peculiarities and drawbacks, making it a difficult yo-yo to master, favored by few players. Iwakura was able to use his expertise and abilities to cover for the Big Yo's tendency to learn and lack of spinning power to put on a great show, but with the release of the Rextreme, we expect the future of off string to change significantly.

The Rextreme is well suited for a wide variety of tricks, from Boingy Boingy to Regeneration to intricate string tricks. Its catch zone makes it exceptionally easy to improve your batting average for tough tricks and high tosses. Of course, it's a great new choice for the contest scene, but it's also a model we'd like to see in the hands of beginners. The wide trapeze width greatly lowers the hurdles of learning off string, so the Rextreme is a great model for champions and beginners alike. The Rextreme is a real game-changer.

The Rextreme is a combination of all of YoYoJam's expertise on off string yo-yo design. The midship weight, the bounce for easy recovery, the Big Yo's stability, and configurable gap width are incorporated to give you an off string yo-yo that is effective for just about any type of play.

Off string yo-yo design is developing at a terrific rate, and peoples' preferences are branching off to form minute adjustments for different styles of play. The Rextreme is designed to appeal to everyone, and give them the ability to play how they want. So find the settings that best suit you!

-Rei Iwakura

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>>Rextreme PV

>>YoYoFactory Presents: 2012 World YoYo contest 4A Champion Rei Iwakura

More Information

Brand YoYoJam
Series None
Signature Rei Iwakura
Style Off String (4A)
age Not Mentioned
Designed In USA
Release Year 2011
Weight (g) 83.6
Diameter (mm) 81.0
Width (mm) 65.84
Trapeze Width (mm) 64
Body Shape Straight
Body Material Plastic (Polycarbonate/ABS/PS)
Rim Aluminum
Bearing Type Ball Bearing
Bearing Size Size C (Large)
Response System YYJ Silicon Pad
Axle -
Twist-apart Twist-Apart
Spacer None
Bind Tug Return
Surface None
Maintenance Pad/Sticker/O-Ring Change Required

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