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For carrying your gear around, a perfect event bag.

If you want a good bag for a yo-yo outing, this is it. With pockets just right for carrying yo-yos, and a larger compartment for other gear and accessories, the Sling Bag is a great carry-all.

The pocket with the "R" logo can hold a pair of looping yo-yos like the Loop 1080. The other pockets can hold a drink, phones and music players with headphone-routing holes. You can hang a variety of yo-yo holders off the bag, like the Crucial Yo-Yo Holder. This is perfect for oversize and off string yo-yos that won't fit in your case. Another pocket in the back is perfect for a 100 pack of string.

since the bag covers the yo-yos completely, they are well protected as you move around. And all your other gear comes with you as well!

Size is approximately 48 x 33.5 x 4cm

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