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Japan - Revolution BB

This product gives the inner parts of a dry bearing a "dry coating," which reduces friction to improve spin. You'll immediately notice a difference in how freely your bearing will spin. This product is for maintenance on new bearings.

*This product is meant to maximize performance, and is not intended to lengthen the life of your bearings. If you wish to protect your bearings, we recommend using bearing maintenance oil.

*Over-application of this product will build an overly thick coating that will have the opposite of the intended effect.

How to use:
1. Making a "dry" bearing.
Submerge your bearing in a strong cleaning agent to remove any grease, lube or oil from the bearing. Test the bearing to make sure it spins smoothly without any odd noises.

2. Tools.
You want to mount the bearing on a rod or tool that will hold the inner diameter and let the outer diameter spin freely (see the video below as an example of how you'll be spinning the bearing). For bearings with inner diameters around 3mm, an awl should work. For larger bearings up to 6mm inner diameter, (round) chopsticks may be used. Tweezers may also be used but because they apply pressure irregularly to the bearing, we don't recommend it.

3. Application.
Take your completely dry bearing and apply 1-2 drops of Revolution BB to the balls. It's a silky liquid so it should permeate pretty easily, even on closed bearings. Be careful not to apply too much. Use your thumb to spin the bearing, spreading the coating evenly within the bearing. Continue this for several minutes. The bearing will begin to spin longer and longer, proving the coating's effectiveess. It depends on the size of the bearing but it should be up to 3x the spin time as it was before.

You can repeat the above instructions to build up the coating to maximize performance and protection, but if it becomes too thick it will inhibit the bearing and performance will suffer. You may need to experiment to find the best thickness for you. It takes a little time, but the application is pretty easy, and the performance gains are considerable.

In a cold environment you can use a hair dryer to gently blow the bearing (from a distance) to accelerate evaporation, but take care not to heat the bearing up too much, or the coating will not establish itself on the inner parts.

4. Maintenance.
In the event that some dirt or dust gets into the bearing, you will need to completely clean the bearing and repeat the above instructions to reapply the coating. For new bearings, break them in and then quickly use Revolution BB to maximize performance.

Important Points:
*This is an oil-less product, and is for special (i.e. not required) maintenance.

*Depending on how you use the bearing and apply the coating, it may put undue load on the bearing. Please consider carefully your technique and workspace before applying the product.

*If you over-apply the coating, the excess fluid will be flung out by the spinning bearing. It's hard to get this stuff out of clothes, so be careful.

*This product contains alcohol, and is flammable. Take care and do not use around open flame, and replace the cap tightly after use.

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Minh Pham
works like a charm!

Turns out this RBB oil-free coat is actually a thing for modern fishing rods. However, it actually works on yoyo bearings, like a miracle. One drop is all it takes, and voila! Just with a thumb flick and the bearing literally spins for 30-35 seconds on a pencil. Highly recommend this item for players looking for a higher level of performance and competitive players.

Anh Nguyen

Revolution BB

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