Porykon Yokozuna Counter Weight

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Porykon Yokozuna Counter Weight

This is the second edition of Hiroyasu Ishihara's signature weights.

This is the signature counterweight of Mr. Ishihara, winner of the 5A Instructor Division at the 2004/2005 National Convention and Rewind 5A Instructor. This is the second version of the previously released counterweight "SUMO," which uses the same O-ring system as the Saturn and is updated with machined polycarbonate.

Similar in size and weight to the "dice-type" weights Ishihara has used in the past, the polycarbonate allows for a smoother release of the weight when it gets caught in the string.

This provides superior stability and maneuverability, reducing stress during play.
It also has the advantage of allowing quick recovery from mistakes made during freestyle play. In addition, an O-ring system has been added to this new model, which "dramatically improves the ease of catching weights.

This counterweight has excellent visibility and is suitable for both your own play and for showing off to others.

From Hiroyasu Ishihara

I mainly use SUMO but when I used Saturn, I was impressed with the effectiveness of the O-ring!

I don't have large hands, and I used to make a lot of mistakes catching weights, but after using Saturn's O-ring, I made a lot less mistakes catching weights.

I am very eager to incorporate this system in SUMO so I proposed it to PoryKon. As I had hoped, the catch errors were reduced while maintaining the SUMO's operability. The size of the weight has been slightly increased to improve visibility and make it easier to catch.

The name "Yokozuna" (横綱) was chosen for the top level of SUMO (相撲).

With this weight, I aim for the highest rank which is to win the WYYC2023!!

More Information

Brand PoryKon
Signature Hiroyasu Ishihara
Weight (g) 10.4

Customer Reviews

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Sean Marco Louis
A solid choice for 5A

The weight is optimised for most yo-yos such as plastic and metal yo-yos made it easy to do some tricks. The O-ring attached to Yokozuna made it easy to feel and catch while wearing gloves. It was so good that I add another one for spares/sample for friends.

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