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‌Porykon Sumo Counter Weight

Official description of SUMO
(Idea by Team PoryKon Japan - Hiroyasu Ishihara a.k.a PON)

As we all know, the original PoryKon's feeling is totally different with dice and ball shape counterweight. Therefore, we thought out a new concept : A counterweight combining dice and PoryKon's characteristics.

We started our project on 2019 July. We knew that Hiroyasu Ishihara a.k.a. PON was using dice shape counterweight before he changed to use PoryKon. Besides, according to PON's 5A style, we agreed he is the best candidate of this project. We told him our idea and invited him to be our tester of this project.

On 2019 early september, our engineer Ng Wang Kit ( Lowhand ) arrived Nagoya to meet Pon and tested the prototype of SUMO. If you've watched Rewind TV on 4-9-2019, you might saw Lowhand had show us two prototype - ''rapid type'' and ''steady type''. It's the prototype of SUMO.

After several months of testing by Pon, the ''steady type'' was finally selected as the direction of the final development. Besides, after summing up Pon's opinion, we increased the width and the weight of the body (sample 10.4g > final version 10.9g) to improve the stability and handling of the counterweight. Pon decided to name it ''SUMO'' because this is the best representative of strength and steadiness.

" SUMO is different shape than PoryKon but the size is about the same as the dice. Therefore, I think that dice users can easily control it. Please try SUMO!! "

Hiroyasu Ishihara

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