Porykon SquaKon Counter Weight

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Porykon SquaKon Counter Weight

Official Description

SquaKon is the first cube shape design counterweight in PoryKon ( Momiji is the first release but it's based on SquaKon ). A cube shape body with PoryKon classic V shape botton. It brings traditional dice feeling but less string and hands knoting problem. Squakon's body is made by high accuracy CNC processing POM Body and used bearing system inside( same as PoryKon OG and SUMO ).

There are 3 POM weight specer with one item.

( weight of Squakon + spacer )

White : 10.9g Pink : 11g blue : 11.1g

SquaKon is our rare production ( 60 pcs in the world). Get it even you are professional player or collector!

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Brand PoryKon

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