PoryKon Plus

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PoryKon Plus

Just a bit bigger and heavier than the original PoryKon, this counterweight gives you a new sense of power!

This PoryKon is just a slightly upsized version of the original PoryKon (click here for detials). While the original weighted in at 10.6 grams, the Plus comes to 11.2 grams. With just a difference of 0.6 grams, it doesn't look like much has changed, but the playfeel tells a different story; just a small change has a big effect on the control and feeling, particularly for tricks like Propeller and Beestings.

If you were a fan of the original PoryKon, we encourage you to give the Plus a try, we think you'll find it really interesting.

Official Description
A powerful Version of PoryKon, Weigh 11.2g, the size is similar to PoryKon, also we had laser a PoryKon logo on the POM Body.

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Brand PoryKon

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