Porykon Momiji Counter Weight

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‌Porykon Momiji Counter Weight

Official description of Momiji
(Idea by Team PoryKon China - Cheng Hong Ye)

Cube shape counterweight is always the main trend of freehand style. I like using cube shape counterweight but it's difficult to find out one which is really suitable for me.

I've been discussed with PoryKon design team several times and we finally decided to produce a cube shape counterweight with PoryKon 's design element.

Momiji keeps the cube shape but the weight distribution is different with other cube shape counterweight. Besides, Momiji adds b-lock system (Invented by Sora Ishikawa) and low-wall bottom design to untie the knot with the string more easily and keep the counterweight lock with the end of the string.

I wish Momiji could be the gospel to all players who love cube shape counterweight!

Cheng Hong Ye

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