Porykon Fu-Ring Counter Weight (Old)

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Porykon - Fu-Ring Counter Weight

A new beautiful counterweight, brought to you by Sora Ishikawa.

This special Porykon is made using an SLA 3D-printer, a special production technique with much higher quality results than other 3D prints. This is Sora Ishikawa's signature counter weight, and has already served him well on the contest scene. Compared to the original Porykon it's not just the material, but the size is slightly larger in this version. Thanks to this, it gives the counterweight a little heavier feel, sloweing it down just a little, which we've found makes it both fun to play and also easier to hit a comfortable pace in our practice.

This version comes fitted with a bearing, and the yo-yo is attached to a bead which spins freely, meaning you'll never have to worry about adjusting the twist of your string while using the Porykon. Whether you're a picky pro or a newcomer to counterweight play, the Porykon will give you maximum performance immediately.

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Brand PoryKon
Weight (g) 1.0

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